Party and Wedding Favours


Are you getting married?  Master Pip wishes you congratulations and all the best for a wonderful future together!  He also wants you and your guests to have a beautiful day.  One of the best parts of a wedding, other than the photos, the dress, the cake, the dancing, the smiling happy faces… is the wedding favour!

Of course favours aren’t only for weddings – there are anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, christenings…. so many happy events.  And so many favours are available, but most are only customisable in some small way – the colours, the nametag, maybe a photo…  Master Pip offers you the ultimate favour!  Create your very own flavour of hot chocolate.


Using a wide range of ingredients (more than are available in Pip’s normal mixes), you can either pick your own unique blend, or answer a few simple questions and have a blend created for you.

Available from £1.50 per favour (plus delivery charges – minimum of 20 favours), this is a delightful yet cost-effective way to hand a completely personalised memory to your guests.  Contact us via our facebook page for more details!  If you’re not on facebook, you can email us instead.  Be sure to let us know the date of your event, and number of guests expected – plus any known food allergies or sensitivities.